How It Works

Assure24 is a scalable and customisable IT reporting and monitoring service that is used to underpin the operation of an IT support operation.

Assure24 works through the use of monitoring agents or appliances that are installed and run securely and sensitively on your customers servers. These agents then pass selected operational and performance information back to the Assure24 management servers running within our highly resilient data centre. This information is processed and the relevant action is taken, (notify people, store for reporting, initiate pre defined corrective actions). Every aspect of the Assure24 service can be delivered in a white label form and branded in your image following naturally from your website to the reporting portal and agents to management servers.

To break this down further this is what happens in our IT reporting process:

  • The agents constantly collect information about the operation and performance of servers, applications or network devices within the environment
  • The information is then encrypted and forwarded to the Assure24 management servers
  • When the information arrives at the management server it will be processed and categorised,
    • if it is a critical event that needs attention then they will automatically notify you via your chosen method (typically email or SMS )
    • if it is a non critical event or performance/usage statistic it will be stored for reporting purposes
  • The operational and performance information for all of your customers can then be viewed in a single view in real time via the live reporting portal. It is also summarised in the automated daily/weekly health check reports or in the more detailed monthly reports
  • The operational and performance information can also be segmented by customers so you can provide customers with a live portal view of their environment.

Once installed, the agent is designed to have minimal impact upon the performance of the system it is installed upon. Typically, each system that is monitored runs its own agent, but you can also deploy and monitor devices on the network with a single collection system polling other servers or devices on the network (this is sometimes called agentless monitoring). If there is a large number of devices to be monitored, we tend to recommend a dedicated collection system or virtualised server  because of the extra work this device is doing processing information from the estate.

The exact deployment route depends entirely on you and your customer and is heavily factored around  customer security policies, the number and type of devices within scope and the level of monitoring required.

If you want more, then we have provided further detail on each of the areas we have touched on above, just click on the links below.

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