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Assure24 is an IT service monitoring solution for businesses which provide applications or IT support.

Assure24 offers a range of IT monitoring solutions to meet your specific needs:

Our Expandable Health Checks give regular summaries of all the server logs and issues, and even give you a centralised view of you and your clients’ servers through our live portal.

If you need to know the minute that an issue arises on your clients’ systems, Assure24 Proactive Monitoring will ensure that you are on the case 24/7 using email, pager or SMS notification.

Assure24 Proactive Server Monitoring provides fully-configurable server monitoring for all major platforms, all standard requirements and even many unusual requirements.

Assure24 IT Monitoring provides you with both automated reporting and a live portal for you and your customers.

And because Assure24 offers a white label service, everything, including the detailed, customisable reports, the 24/7 live portal and even the agents themselves, can be branded in your own image.

How to get going with Assure24 right away!