Automated Reporting

Escape the report-writing grind!

The cut and paste, the find and replace, tinkering with graphs and formatting options – if only there was a better way!

That’s why we created a reporting engine. With Assure24’s automated reporting you can:

  • Produce branded reports
  • Spend zero time creating them
  • Get accurate and timely reports sent directly to your customer

In addition to live reporting via the portal, we do two types of report, the health check and the detailed report.

The health check provides a quick snapshot of a particular server, storage device or application that you can provide to your customer.

This reminds your customer that you are proactively managing their systems for them.

Automated reporting can be configured to be sent every day, week or month. Sample health check reports can be found here

The detailed reports are expandable reports that can be tailored to show virtually anything that the agents collect, from availability and performance to events and particular asset information.

The agents’ expandability means extremely sophisticated reports can be created in a jiffy!

Whatever your reporting needs, we are confident that we can meet them – contact us to find out more…