Customer Portals

The Assure24 portal provides you and your customers with essential information about the health of their servers, applications and IT services. Live availability, performance, asset and service reports can be accessed 24 hours day via any standard web browser.

The portal is divided up into a number of distinct areas:

  • Service Health This section provides you with a quick snapshot of the health of your customer site(s). You can quickly spot whether any customers have issues or are at risk of a problem at that point in time.
  • Consolidated Event List This enables a quick view of important events from all of your customers’ systems. You’ll only see what you need to – the agent and management server will disregard irrelevant events and extend information on important areas.
  • Performance View The agent can collect performance counters from your customers’ systems. These events can be viewed in a summary table – or the performance viewer can plot these counters against other performance counts from the same or different systems.
  • Summaries A quick snapshot of important information from a single device. This include a summary of events, performance, uptime, applications, associated devices and a whole lot more.
  • Reports This is a collection of historical reports, health checks and detailed reports.

Health checks are quick snapshots that can be sent out frequently to keep your customer informed.

Detailed reports are expandable reports that can be tailored to show virtually anything that the agents collect, from availability and performance to events and particular asset information.

The agents’ expandability enables extremely sophisticated reports to be created in a jiffy!