System Health Checks

Does your daily routine involve a vast list of checking servers, highlighting issues and resolving problems?

Is it dull and time consuming?

Our system health checks are automated and can be done on multiple servers even while you’re doing other mission-critical jobs or not at work!

You can receive emails to summarise all of these checks, or login to the live portal and see the status of all your – or your clients’ – servers in one centralised view.


We want to check more than is on your list for our clients!

No problem – contact us to let us know what you check and how you check it. We can work together to automate it and run a bespoke health check just for you and your clients.

We do different checks for different clients.

No problem – we’ll set up different health checks for each of your clients, leaving you more time to concentrate on other areas of your service.

I like looking through endless error logs and get immense satisfaction from it.

Fine – stick to your current system and enjoy poring over your logs. When you miss a critical error that was hidden in that avalanche, you can get the sack if it happens again, or drop us a line and we”ll help you to ensure it won’t happen again.

Don’t forget that we can also provide these proactive monitoring throughout the day. We can let you know something is wrong or going wrong as and when it happens – so you can fix the problem quickly, improve your service level and keep your customers happy.