Application Partners

The Application Partners program is designed for independent application providers. Application Partners want to cost-effectively underpin the availability and performance of their application as it runs at different customer sites.

The Application Partner service will enable you to view the health of your application. It also enables you to view the associated environment, allowing you to keep an eye on factors which could effect the operation of your application, across multiple sites and customers in a single view.

Errors and their root cause will be highlighted using the portal view or through your chosen method of notification. This ensures that your support team can either react to the issues before customers are affected or highlight to your customer that there is an issue in an area outside your control.

The Application Partner program involves the creation of specific monitoring rules, daily health checks and a periodic client report. A dedicated portal is provided for you to monitor the availability of your application within clients’ environments.

Additional portals and reports branded with your own image can provide customers with a live view of the health of their application.

Benefits experienced by Application Partners include:

  • Improved service levels and happier customers

  • Reduced support costs – your IT professionals’ time will be freed from mundane daily checks

  • Additional revenue streams with healthy profit margins

  • Differentiation from your competition without additional investment in skills, people or infrastructure

An Assure24 Application Partner has kindly provided a case study: Download PDF