Recommend Assure24

We believe in working together.

We see our services and our team as an extension of your support department and we want you to see us in the same light. We know that by working together we can provide even better solutions to organisations just like yours.

The more people who use our service, the more functionality we can build in and share, which is better for everyone. This is why Assure24 runs two special programs which encourage cooperation.

Recommend us and get your service for free!

Assure24 runs a generous recommendation program. For every £5 spent on our service by someone you have recommended we will give you £1 back. This is an unlimited offer, so you can reduce your bill to zero or even get paid for using Assure24’s services. Want to know more?

Share you technical knowledge!

If you help us to extend our monitoring rules, reports and functionality then we will give you a discount on our services. If someone on your team knows everything about something – whether it’s Linux kernels or Microsoft Exchange – then tell us what we should be monitoring (assuming we are not already). We can then extend our rules sets. If other customers want it then we will give you a discount on you service. Want to know more?