Some Nice Comments

Over the years we have received some lovely comments from our partners.

But because the majority of our partners re-brand our services, we are rarely able to publish the source of any comments.

We do, however, have a strong network of partners who are happy to talk to prospective Assure24 partners* about our services and let them know just how satisfied they are doing business with us.

Here are some comments from our partners – contact us to speak to them directly!

Assure24 now underpins everything we do on the support side. We include it as part of every service we sell.

Assure24 is great, because we are the first to find out about a problem. This means we are the first to give the client a solution and our competition rarely get a quote request, never mind an order!

We planned and budgeted an implementation of our own monitoring framework. Fortunately we came across Assure24 before it was too late!

Assure24 has saved our bacon on a number of occasions.

We have been able to broaden our support offerings whilst ensuring our core business runs smoothly.

We support some legacy equipment on a number of our sites. The developers at Assure24 have helped us to create monitoring rules that has removed the daily dial-in and check.

The automatic reports really take a lot of stress out of my job.

*As long as they aren’t one of your direct competitors, of course!