Break-Fix Partners

Break-Fix is a highly price-competitive business

With Assure24 you can differentiate yourself from your competition by bundling in hardware and OS monitoring on all major platforms.

This might slightly increase the price of your service – but higher customer satisfaction and retention means it will be worth it!

The operational savings and cost-effectiveness of using automated proactive monitoring mean that any cost increase would be small. And the benefits to your customer would be enormous – you will be providing an improved, more responsive service to your customer.

By streamlining the support process you will reduce incoming calls to your support desk, saving your client valuable employee time while still maintaining the continued operation of their infrastructure. Priority messages will be sent straight to the people who are going to fix the issue – the engineers – so you can fix problems more quickly and provide a better service to your clients.

The service also hooks your client in, helping you retain them at renewal time.

In fact, we are so confident that Assure24 monitoring services will make a big difference at renewal time that we will work with you to implement our services into your installed base free of charge* until your customer contract comes up for renewal.

*This does depend on quantity and renewal period – lets talk!