Support Partners

Our agent and our management servers could revolutionise your support service, quickly and for a very reasonable cost!

Our agent continuously checks and collects important information about your clients’ systems and applications. At the first sign of any issue it will drop the management server a line.

Even better, with a bit of training the agent will also correct issues before they occur. The agent works 24/7 and communicates with the management server in a clear, concise, secure manner. Our management servers work simultaneously with thousands of agents.

They receive and process information fast and efficiently. If someone needs to know about an issue they will get in touch immediately or file the information away for future use, depending on the circumstances.

The management servers’ work can be reviewed using live health checks via any web browser and will tirelessly collate and send consolidated reports whenever you or your customer needs them.

Assure24 can make a positive difference to the operation of any IT support helpdesk.

Assure24 can help to improve your IT support service levels, handle more contracts without hiring extra people and reduce overall operational costs.

We already support many applications and operating systems and our team will actively help you to extend this to other applications that you look after.

The service also hooks your client in, helping you retain them at renewal time.

In fact, we are so confident that Assure24 monitoring services will make a big difference at renewal time that we will work with you to implement our services into your installed base free of charge* until your customer contract comes up for renewal.


*This does depend on quantity and renewal period, but lets talk.