Boost Your Revenues

With Assure24 you can start providing monitoring and support for your client in under 10 minutes.

But why settle for a limited support contract?

Ask your clients about their other servers, network devices and storage arrays, or about the databases and applications running on the servers.

Because the Assure24 agent can monitor all types of systems and databases, so can you!

Our Integration Promise means we will work with our partners to create monitoring rules and agents on any commercially viable* platform or application.

You can also use our reports to help justify new upgrades for hardware or software licenses, and then the professional services to implement these upgrades. Or identify areas for improvement that could result in consolidation servers, system tuning engagements or whatever other services you can provide.

We can’t put this better than one of our partner’s Sales Directors, who says:

Assure24 is great, because we are the first to find out about a problem. This means we are the first to give the client a solution and our competition rarely get a quote request, never mind an order!

*ZX Spectrums are not commercially viable but thanks for the enquiry.**

**You have over 100 ZX Spectrums on support? Lets get cracking!