Prove your worth

Providing support can seem like a thankless task.

Every day, without fail, you monitor applications or servers and fix problems before they affect your client and impact users. Renewal time arrives. Your client wonders why they are paying you when everything is running so smoothly.

Assure24 can help.

Our health checks and detailed reports will show your client just how hard you are working on their behalf. They can see all of the events that you have reacted to over any given period and realise just how frequently you have saved their business from standstill.

As these reports are automated, no-one needs to spend ages creating tables and fiddling with tables of contents – the reports will be in the format you need, when you need them.

The net result:

  1. Your customer won’t be chasing the account manager for the latest report

  2. The account manager won’t waste time chasing your support desk

  3. Your support desk has more time to expand your support offerings

  4. Your account manager has more time to sell your business services