Cut your costs

You don’t need expensive tools from big vendors to provide a great monitoring service.

They might come with some fancy marketing blurb and superlative functionality, but at the end of the day, this is what proactive monitoring software and the support team must do:

Identify problems and fix them before they impact on your client

With Assure24, you can have all of your customers monitored before you would have installed the first big-vendor DVD. And at a vastly lower cost.

It’s simple to take Assure24’s services to the next level. You can increase the collection areas, such as performance metrics, log files, output from status commands and much more. We can work with you to incorporate actions into the system to fix problems automatically, or provide extended information about a problem, speeding up resolution time.

Automated daily server checks, reporting and problem fixing means that you will be able to handle more customers with the same number of staff.

Our agent has worked 24/7, tirelessly, for the last 10 years. It never calls in sick and never moans about the machine coffee. Our agent can make your support team more reliable, more efficient and free up their time for playing on social networking sites extending your service and creating new offerings to boost your revenue.

One final money-saver. If you already have an expensive, big-vendor monitoring system in place, you could turn that off and slash your support costs.