Differentiate and Win

Branded proactive monitoring

These days many customers ask for proactive monitoring as part of their support contracts.

Assure24 adds this capability to your portfolio so you can provide it in less than 10 minutes. You can instantly impress your clients and kick the competition into touch.

Because Assure24 can be branded as your own service, you will be able to demonstrate the monitoring, offer free trials and show sample reports the very first time you meet each new client!

Whatever your clients wants, we can extend the monitoring to match it, from changing the notification rules right up to batch monitoring and even keeping an eye on that quirky little application running on their IBM RS6000*. Whatever it is, we can help you to deliver it.

Quicker implementation

A lot of service providers choose complex monitoring frameworks from one of the big vendors.

We can give you proactive monitoring in a fraction of the time – just 10 minutes!

If you need convincing, try asking a sales representative what the typical implementation time is of HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol or Microsoft MOM.

If you’re still sold on the big names, why not use our service while you implement your own big vendor framework? We don’t mind if you move away – because we’re confident that you’ll come back!

More flexibility

If you do go for a big vendor solution, ask your “implementation partner” to replicate our functionality – after all, they promised flexibility, didn’t they? If they can’t replicate our functionality, you know where to find us!

Assure24 monitoring will please your client with an efficient, effective and flexible support service at a price very competitive with the annual support cost of big vendor software.

*Most recently known as the IBM System p5, though who knows for how long?!